Ernst Mayr confirms The Natural Selection Paradox

According to Wikipedia, Ernst Mayr was one of the 20th century’s leading evolutionary biologists. This rather bland description is an understatement. According to the info on one of his last books (he lived to be 100 years old!) in 2001, he is “one of the great shining figures of evolutionary biology” and “the Darwin of the 20th century.”

One of his last books was entitled, “What Evolution Is.” We recommend everyone read this book.

Ironically, this book shows a bit too honestly what evolution is. In other words, for the careful reader this book is more effective at showing what evolution is not.

For example, in Chapter 2 entitled “What is the Evidence for Evolution on Earth,” the first evidence, of course, is the fossil record. However, only two paragraphs in, Mayr confronts the actual fossil evidence with this remarkably honest admission: “This raises a puzzling question: Why does the fossil record fail to reflect the gradual change one would expect from evolution?”

Good question! In fact, the fossils are only “evidence for evolution” in the sense of everything must be “evidence” for evolutionary theory.

Did you know that Darwin stated the fossil record did not support evolution? And did you know that the fossil record does not support evolution in Mayr’s day? We suspect not. We suspect that the fossil record was fed to you as proof of evolution on earth.

The fact that the fossil record is taken as proof of evolution when it objectively does not even support evolution is actually proof of another sort: proof that people tend to believe the only theory presented to them by people they trust. And they believe not because of the evidence, but in spite of the evidence.

You can trust Mayr. He was 100% evolutionist when he wrote those words. And he said that the fossil record fails to reflect the gradual change of evolutionary processes.

Mayr also attempts to describe what natural selection “does” in nature. He answers the question “who does the selecting?” by contrasting natural selection with artificial selection (breeding). He writes: “But, strictly speaking, there is no such agent involved in natural selection. What Darwin called natural selection is actually a process of elimination.”

You can trust Mayr. He is 100% evolutionists. And he is plainly stating the objective truth in nature. According to Mayr there is no selection in nature; there is only a “process of elimination” of the less fit organisms. And those organisms are no longer living on earth.

But what about all the organisms that are still living on earth? Every single current living organism–including every ancestor in their evolutionary lineage–was never impacted at all in a “process of elimination.” If evolution is true as Ernst Mayr characterizes say it literally “is,” then natural selection did nothing (nothing!) to facilitate the creation and existence for all the survivors (those not eliminated in the “process of elimination”) in nature, and human beings are one of them!